Common Twin Flame Obstacles

Common Twin Flame Obstacles

Now for the famous Twin Flame Obstacles. Quite a few of you will see these as “blocks” to your Union, but they are not, they are in place for a reason. As soon as you see them as “blocks”, or “obstacles”, that is exactly what they become. These characteristics are here for you to transcend them, because Love doesn’t see anything other than itself. The soul does not care about the human standards of “right and wrong”, as there is no right or wrong. There is only Love. You are meant to bridge the gap between percieved, man-made separations and belief systems that serve nothing but egoic standards. You can choose to either notice them as obstacles, or you may transcend them, which will catapult you into Union. You may encounter one or even all of the following:

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One Or The Both Of You Are Married/Have Karmic Partners:

Upon meeting, one or the both of you may be married, or in a long time committed relationship. These relationships may very well also include children of all ages. To put it bluntly, Love does not care if you signed a piece of paper stating that you are married. It does not care whether you or your Twin have children of your own, and it definitely does not care how long you or they have been together with their spouse or significant other. Love does not see any human "agreements" which lock you in a marriage, which is what all of those things are. Agreements based on conditions. Yourself and your Twin were created to be with one another, you entered into a spiritual, etheric marriage before even incarnating here. And your spouse and/or their spouse, knew about this. All of this was setup purposely, you and they needed to learn lessons from your partner's, even if those lessons are purely to demonstrate to you what conditional love looks like. Your Karmic partner's will never hold a candle to the love the two of you share, and that's okay. That's how it is meant to be. You don't have to feel bad, or guilty for feeling the way that you do. If you weren't meant to feel this way about your Twin, trust that you wouldn't. For advice on how to overcome the Karmic Partner, click here.

A Massive Age Gap:

Yourself and your Twin may find yourselves facing a large (or even not so large) age gap. These can range from anywhere between 5 and 40+ years, and just as everything you face, it is there for a reason. It is another part of the Ying and Yang symbolism that plays out between the two of you. Different but equal. The age of your bodies has absolutely nothing to do with the age of your souls, which are in fact the exact same age, as the two of you were created at the exact same time. Once again, Love couldn't care less about your human age, if it did care, then you wouldn't find yourself so deeply drawn to your Twin. The Love the two of you share can't see anything physical, it only recognizes the soul, the other Self. But of course we humans have placed a stigma on age and it's regard to Love. "If you are with an older man, you are a gold digger" or "If you desire a younger woman you are a pervert", and so on. Of course this is yet again another limit and condition we have placed on Love, but your souls have another plan. Love is Love, regardless of what year your physical body was born. If you find yourself to have an age gap with your Twin, understand that the two of you chose this so you could set a new paradigm here on earth regarding age. Embrace it and know that this is set in place for good reason.

A Large Physical Distance:

You may find yourselves located on opposite sides of the country, or even across the world. Once again, Love knows nothing but itself, and distance is there to demonstrate this. Distance does not matter, if it did matter, you would not feel the Love that you do for your Twin. The only way to over come the distance is to stop noticing it. That is the only way to transcend it.

Religious Differences:

One or the both of you may have been raised with vastly different and/or strict religious backgrounds. Again, you chose everything pre-birth, and that includes your family and your upbringing. I know religion can be a touchy subject for many, but try and understand it from this view; there are roughly 4,200 different religions in the world today. That's over four thousand different groups of people all trying to essentially achieve the same goal which is, to find a higher meaning for life on earth and to give some sort of meaning, definition, and standard as to what exactly we are doing here. Here is the good news! You being a Twin Flame get to learn all about this, and you will learn the Truth of how this Universe works and how you are the creator of your own experience here. If you find yourself with religious backgrounds that create difficulty for you two to come together, know that you are meant to bridge this gap. We are all humans here operating under the same One Consciousness, and Love does not define itself by which religion you follow or who your parents want you to marry. You are meant to transcend this limiting belief.


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