Getting into UNION with your Twin Flame

There is ONE very important thing you must comes to terms with before coming into Union with your Twin Flame. If you can first and foremost come to terms with this next sentence, you will be so much closer to your desired Union. You are the one keeping yourself out of Union with your Twin Flame, it is YOU, and NOT them. If you have a hard time digesting that statement, I highly recommend you re-read it until you come to terms with it. Do not continue reading until you can fully accept that Twin Flame Union lies in your hands, and yours alone. There is no such thing as a "runner" and "chaser".

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First you must know this, you are the creator of your own reality. You create every single experience that you see around you, down to the fly on the wall. Every person currently a part of your life is there because you attracted them, your financial situation is the way it is because that's how you value yourself. Every situation you currently have going on is there because you attracted it. Nothing is left un-touched, the good, the bad, and the ugly (even though there is no such thing), is currently apart of your life because you attracted it, and not only that, but you are still allowing it to be there.

"Why would I allow something to be in my life if I don't like it?" Why? Because A) you are continuing to NOTICE IT being there, and B) you are still vibrating at a level which keeps attracting it back to you.

Everything you see around yourself is energy. The screen you are reading this on may SEEM like a solid piece of mass, but everything you see, feel, hear, taste etc is ENERGY. YOU are energy. Like attracts like, therefor, like energy attracts like energy. The Universe only has one answer to everything you ask, feel, and state, and that answer is YES. It will ALWAYS match whatever you put out. Are you connecting the dots here?

If you continue to NOTICE your Twin not being here, if you continue to NOTICE your perceived blocks, if you continue to cry, plead, and beg the Universe for your Twin, you will get more of exactly that; MORE reasons to cry, plead, and beg. Whatever energy you put out, the Universe will match with circumstances that compliment and cater to this output. To the Universe, there is no such thing as good or bad, everything is just energy, and by Law, it will ALWAYS mirror you.

That's all your entire existance is, a giant life sized mirror of who you are and what you exert. So do yourself and your Twin a giant favor, right here and right now, STOP reading about separation, runners, and stories about Twins "not being together in this lifetime". By reading these things, you are feeding your Unconscious mind poision. You are feeding it other peoples problems, and your unconscious mind immediately identifies this as "this must be true", it sends a signal out to the Universe, which then caters to this output to serve you exactly what you are reading.

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The Unconscious Mind

Your unconscious mind is the creator of all of your experiences. It harbors all of your doubts, fears, and belief systems. It's what you use every single day to decipher what you feel is right and wrong, and you use it for all of your decision making. Every single decision you make is based on a belief of what the outcome of that decision is. Whatever you believe the outcome is, is what will be matched by the Universe. Example "I'm going to reach out to my Twin, they probably won't answer me though or think I am bothering them." BOOM, you just set yourself up for EXACTLY what you didn't want to happen.

You truly deep down believe you are bothering your Twin by reaching out, so you are now shifted into that outcome. Even if you had said "I'm going to call my Twin, hopefully he/she answers me!", again you will recieve the outcome that you don't prefer. You will be presented with a situation where you will continue to "hope" that you're not bothering them, and hoping for an answer from them. This was just an example, but are you starting to see what is happening here?

If you want change, YOU have to change.

Take Control of Your Reality

To see massive change, YOU have to massively change. Your entire output and frequency must change. You must stop expecting what you DON'T want and start accepting only what you DO want. You have to fully step into your power and start creating the reality you wish to live in.

The GOAL here is to remain COMPLETELY unmoved by your circumstances. DO NOT deviate from your frequency until the Universe meets your demand for change. Remain completely unmoved by your conviction until you see your thoughts and feelings materialize.

Entering Union

Are you beginning to understand here why Union hasn't happened for you yet? You are aligning your reality with what you DON'T want to see in regards to your Twin. Your fears are being materialized right in front of your eyes. And it has NOTHING to do with your Twin, it is YOU and only YOU aligning with what you don't want because we as a collective were raised to see Lack. We were raised to notice the lack of something in hopes of creating what we do want instead.

Energy is the currency of the Universe. If you "pay" attention to something, you are buying that experience. If you give your energy and attention to your fears and to circumstances that bring you anything but joy and happiness, the Universe accepts that energy and reciprocates exactly those fears and unwanted circumstances. We all have what we prefer and don't prefer, unfortunately most of us were raised in "prevention". We were taught to focus on what we DON'T want in order to try and prevent it from happening. We were taught to focus on the Lack in order to try and prevent more LACK. And then we wonder why we've found ourselves unhappy with where we are, unhappy with our financial circumstances, miserable with our marriages and partners. Because we were raised in FEAR and LACK. Why else would every preventative measure in today's society continue to FAIL. Yet history just continues to repeat itself over, and over, and over. Until we all can just finally Wake Up.

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