The 3 Day Procedure

The 3 Day Procedure

Any time you are trying to create something new for yourself through manifestation, you will process through what is called the 3 Day Procedure. The name itself is highly symbolic; it’s not typically 3 days, but it comes especially apparent when you are first starting out the conscious creation of not only your union, but also learning how to manifest everything else that it is that you want in life. 

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So Day 1 is in a sense, your inspiration day. You know exactly what it is you want, even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you at least have some type of clarity of what your desire is. In this case, it would be your desire for union. Typically when we meet our twin flames or our soulmates, we know that we want to be with this person, we think about our future with them. We’ve all experienced the Day 1. Oftentimes, I have heard it be referred as the “bubble love phase”, even. Regardless of what you want to call it and what title you want to place on it, it is your Day 1. It is your clarity, you know exactly what is as you want, and you know you want to be with this person. You know that you want some type of physical relationship with your twin flame. 

Another aspect that falls into the Day 1 also are your affirmations. You depict exactly what it is that you wish to experience with this person and begin affirming in the positive, present tense. You’re feeling good, and you have a lot of clarity and excitement surrounding your Twin and your desires.

Next up is the infamous Day 2.

Day 2 is the “Challenge Day“. 

Again, this does not necessarily have to be one day. It can last a day. It can last a few weeks. It can last a few months. And if you’re ultra stuck, it can even last for years. Either way, the day two is very challenging. It’s often very heart wrenching and it can make us want to give up altogether. However, there is a rainbow on the other side of this, and if you can get through the Day 2, your union is waiting for you on the other side.

I’m sure that you have heard the term or you are very familiar with the term “running and chasing” when it comes to the twin flame journey specifically. The “separation phase” also falls into this day 2 category. But as I said, as soon as you can get through the day 2, you will make it out on the other end and again, union will be waiting for you. 

Your twin flame will be waiting for you with open arms. So what exactly is the day to Day 2?

It is the test of your unconscious mind

It is your unconscious mind, it is your higher self, it is the universe asking you, Are you sure you’re ready to make this shift? Are you sure you’re ready to shift into a brand new reality with your twin flame? You have made this vibrational shift yesterday or a week ago or two months ago, you have started affirming your union, you have began to completely vibrationally align yourself with your desired end result. Are you absolutely sure that you wish to make the shift?”

It is in a sense, a safety switch or a safety lever from Creation making absolutely sure that you are ready to execute this change in your reality. This process again, will occur anytime you’re trying to make a massive shift in your circumstances. Typically it is very highlighted through the twin flame journey because when we are dealing with another person who perceivably runs from us or runs from the connection. 

It can really strike us very deep, but at the same time, you can easily, easily overcome this. And again, I’m going to say, in order to proceed onwards, it is highly important that you have integrated the belief system that there is nobody outside of yourself, choosing to do something to you with their own free will. You need to have at least 80% integrated the belief system that there is nobody outside of yourself and everybody is only showing up as a messenger to your subconscious mind.

If you have not yet fully integrated this, or if you don’t fully understand it yet, I highly highly recommend you go back and the other articles on my website first or familiarize yourself with my Twin Flame Union Course, which guides you to Union from start to finish. If you feel like you have a solid understanding of all of that, let’s go on. 

So again, day two is a test of your subconscious mind.

It knows that you made a massive shift within your vibration very recently and it will come up to ask you, “Are you sure you wish to change? Are you sure you wish to believe this new version of your twin flame is here and ready for union?” It asks you this question by aligning you with the exact opposite of what you have been affirming to yourself, and it will show up in the opposite way in your circumstances.

So again, what does this look like? Typically, you will end up aligning yourself with a past version of your twin flame that you did not prefer. Again, it’s typically in the opposite way or version of what you have been recently affirming to yourself. So for an example, if you were affirming: “My twin flame is finally ready for union”, it is highly likely you will encounter the version of your twin flame that acts in the complete opposite way of this. They might even show up in your circumstances and blatantly tell you, “I don’t want to be in union. I don’t want to be with you or I am choosing somebody else over you.” The number one rule to overcome the day two is to not have an emotional reaction to what shows up. This, again, falls exactly into the category of not reacting to a negative thought when it shows up. Now we’re taking it a step further and it gets a little bit more difficult because again, we’re dealing with a person seemingly “outside” of ourselves, but the process is exactly the same. Typically when this happens, your ego instantly arises to try to protect you. 

We are very used to falling into “victim mode.”

You feel that instant contraction in your gut or in your stomach, and you instantly fall off that horse…or should I say the old you would have done that! Now that you know that there is no such thing as somebody doing something to you with their free will, you no longer need to have an emotional reaction to what shows up; you no longer need to take your cue from your circumstances for how to feel.

So then what do you do? What do you do when your twin flame shows up in your circumstances and blatantly tells you “I’m not ready for you”, or “I don’t want to be with you”? 

Step one is to recognize and realize this is a past thought and belief being made manifest for you asking you. Do you still believe this is true? Do you still believe that your twin flame is not ready for union? Do you still believe your twin flame will choose somebody over you? Or do you still believe that you and your twin flame will continue to remain in separation? Don’t do what most people do and have that emotional reaction and crash back down, and fall off the horse, because that is  assuredly the quickest way to realign yourself with not only the lack of union, but to place yourself right back down into ego mode and or victim mode.

Realize and recognize this is only the universe, your higher self asking you, Are you sure you wish to make this change? Yesterday you were affirming your union, yesterday you were affirming your brand new version of your desired twin flame that is ready for union. Here is a past version of your twin flame that you used to be aligned with, do you still believe this version to be true, or do you now believe in your affirmations? Do you believe that you’re the creator? And do you believe that your twin flame is not ready for you? If the answer is yes, which I hope it is, in that moment within yourself, you react vibrationally in a way of where you wish to see things go. 

As you now know, if you have a negative, emotional reaction to what it shows up, you will regurgitate the situation and you will be faced with it this again in the future. However, if you realize and recognize what is happening in what’s at play here, you can paste your preferred vibration over what shows up simply within yourself within that exact moment.

Say “Thank you universe, thank you higher self, for showing me what was clearly out of alignment within myself in the past. I now no longer believe this version of reality to be true. I now only fully believe in my union and in the version of my twin flame that is now ready for union with me.”

In doing this, you have now overcome Day 2. You have now overcome the running, the chasing and the perceived separation that you experienced with your twin, flame, your soulmate, or your specific person. What happens now? Welcome to Day 3. Day 3 is union day, day 3 is when all of your day 1 inspirations, your day 1 affirmations and visions become made manifest for you.

You have now successfully shifted yourself into a parallel reality, which actually contains what it is you want because you no longer took your cue from your circumstances and you erased all lack and perceived absence of yours desires. You stayed true to your preferred vibration. 

If you can successfully, you do this every single time the opposite of what it is you want shows up, you will accelerate to union. So were most people may take two, three or 10 years to get to union with their twin flame, if you can override this day two in the moment that these negative circumstances come up, you are now on the fast track to union. I have seen my clients powerhouse their way through their day 2 circumstances and within a few short weeks, they have made it into union or at least put themselves on the fast track to union where every single thing that they’ve been manifesting effortlessly plays out for them in their circumstances. 

Again, I want you to remember to be patient with yourself. You are going through a substantial growth in both your reality and also your consciousness. This technique may take a little bit of time to learn some people get it very quickly. Other people, myself included, take a little bit of time to fully integrate this. The goal within the day 2 is to, again, watch your emotions, watch your reactions. 

The moment you feel that contraction of lack and the moment that you feel that contraction of being a victim of your circumstances, this is where you have to shift into your brand new way of thinking. This is where you want to think back to these lessons and fully integrate and apply every single thing you have learned thus far. The second you witness a day 2 coming for you or coming at you or staring at you through your circumstances, I again want you to get excited because if you did not face these old, outdated, past thoughts and beliefs, you would not be able to make that shift in your reality, you would never be able to make it to union. You need this old junk and a sense, to be shown to you in order for you to say “no thank you” to it.

Simply say “thank you for showing me thisMaybe there’s somehow has served me in the past. I no longer believe this is true. I now only fully believe in my union.” I want to make it so clear to you that all manifestations show up because of two things: The first thing are your affirmations. It is your reaction to your old thoughts. If your old thoughts have been depicting lack, your reaction would be your brand new affirmation. Part two to a manifestation showing up to you is your reaction to your physical circumstances. If your reaction to your physical circumstances, regardless of what is happening in your physical circumstances, do not match your affirmations, you cannot make that shift


This is so highly important for you to understand; your measuring stick for change is not what shows up in your circumstances. Even if you have been diligently affirming your union and you have stayed 100% faithful to union and its vibration and something in the complete opposite way shows up in your circumstances, this is your time. The only measuring stick for true change is based on your reactions to what shows up. It’s never actually all about what shows up and has everything to do with the way that you react to it. So even if something completely “terrible” shows up in your circumstances, if you can react in a way that is in the complete opposite way that the old you would have reacted to it, you have now made that permanent shift to union.

It will only be a short time for your physical circumstances to reflect back to you your brand new reaction to what shows up, even if what shows up again is the opposite of what you want. If your reaction to what shows up coincides with your affirmations, it will be effortlessly expressed into your reality and again, you will make that permanent shift into your union. Everything you need to know regarding getting to Union as well as more information on how to overcome the 3 Day Procedure is in my Complete Twin Flame Union Course. Alternately if you can check out the rest of my Union eBooks and Guides to help assist you on your path to Union.



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