Collection: Coachings With Candace

"I have been on a path of self-discovery for many years as a student and teacher of meditation and yoga. Three years ago I met my Twin Flame and found myself traversing my own peaks and valleys on this tremendous, accelerated path of ascension and self-empowerment. It wasn’t until I met Liz and applied her teachings to every aspect of my life that the pieces finally came together and Union became a natural part of my life. My goal is to share what I’ve learned and help you manifest your own perfect version of reality." 

You will receive guidance and coaching regarding your specific person, goals and situation with Candace.

We will identify your blocks and you will learn how to quickly and efficiently move past them. We will define your desired end result, create personalized affirmations, and vibrationally position you to get into your desired reality. These coachings are done both on an intuitive level and with a logical structural approach to get you to where you wish to be.