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The Twin Flame Union

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

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Thursday 3/12/20 5:00pm Pacific Time

This Week’s Theme:
Meet My Twin Flame!

Learn how to move from separation into your desired Union with your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or Specific Person. These interactive live video sessions will take you through the basic fundamentals of coming into alignment with Union and learning how to change your vibrational output so that it matches and attracts your desired end result! If you are not yet in Union, it is because up until now you have unconsciously pushed it away from yourself and have not yet aligned with the version of your partner that is ready to be with you. You will learn how to turn all of this around for yourself with these live coachings. You may ask any questions you have or that arise during the sessions! You can change your reality very rapidly once you learn how to change your inner energetic alignment.

Once payment is made, please email me at with your name and you will be given a link and passcode to join the session.

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